Our Programs

We offer continuous, hands-on learning programs in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Design (STEM-D) for children, 5 years and above. Our programs are specially designed to develop a curious mind and to encourage logical problem-solving skills through the use of best-in-class STEM-D educational robotics platforms.

Early Learning Program (Ages: 5 to 6 years)

Our young learners will be exposed to concepts of STEM-D through highly engaging hands-on design and construction activities. The objective is to;

  • Stimulate the child’s natural curiosity and encourage them to learn through play
  • Develop the child’s confidence by boosting their problem solving and soft skills
  • Prepare children for school and life by building their social skills and exposing them to the world of STEM-D

Junior Program (Ages: 7 to 10 years)

Junior’s will learn the concepts of mechanical design and construction together with software programming to control mechanized models. They will be involved in several design, construction, programming, test, and failure analysis of mechanisms consisting of gears, pulleys, cams, motors, and sensors, whilst learning the concepts of applied math and science. Children will;

  • Develop an understanding of how simple machines come together to create complex machines
  • Learn to device and conduct tests to detect failure modes in order to develop corrective and preventative actions
  • Develop collaboration and communication skills through sharing of learnings with peers

Senior Program (Ages: 10+ years)

Introduction to the concepts of design, construction, programming, and testing of autonomous robots to solve real-time problems through;

  • Use of different reasoning approaches to evaluate evidence and develop theories
  • Create and work with data to solve problems and draw conclusions
  • Learn to identify problems and use appropriate tools and techniques to find and communicate solutions
  • Refine use of science and engineering practices to improve on ideas, solve problems, and evaluate solutions

STEM-D in Special Needs Program

Students with special needs benefit from STEM programs. Studies show that 34% of children with autism spectrum disorders gravitate to courses and careers involving STEM-D, in contrast to 20% of students in the general school population. Our workshops for special needs children provide a multi-sensory learning experience, that can be specifically tailored to the child’s needs, including;

  • Vision or hearing impairment
  • Limited motion
  • Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Speech & language disorders

We believe in giving back to the community in need. If you possess similar values, and skills or talent to help these children, please do contact us.

Computer Assisted Design (CAD) & 3D Printing (Ages: 10+ years)

Learn how to transform your imagination into real objects. You will learn to use CAD software to turn idea’s into digital designs, and then turn your digital designs into real objects through 3D printing

3D Doodling (Ages: 7+ years)

Program for our younger members to design and create their models through doodling in 3D

Coaching for Competitions

Select students from our regular programs are coached for participation in international competitions organized by FIRST and the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) Association. Robominds is a recognized training partner of IndiaSTEM Foundation, the official organizers of FIRST and WRO competitions in India. Include the IndiaSTEM Foundation Logo.

Robominds conducts year-long, weekend and after-school programs at their campuses in Kothrud, Koregaon Park, and Baner/Sus-Gaon. Please call or WhatsApp +91 8888 300 508 or 8888 683 338, or Click here to contact us for detailed schedule.