Robominds is a technical workshop, established for the Scientists and Engineers of tomorrow, to promote experiential learning through hands-on activities. The latest in robotic educational platforms are utilized to encourage children to explore, discover, and innovate while having fun. Our programs have been developed by individuals with decades of global experience in leading-edge technology.


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Robotics Workshops

The world around us is changing rapidly in contrast to our formal education systems. Our Children’s future will be dependent on their ability to think creatively, innovate solutions & change. Robotics creates an exciting & dynamic educational tool that helps students understand complex mathematical, science & engineering concepts whilst providing hands-on approach in developing logical & spatial concepts through design, construction, programming, testing & failure analysis, program management & teamwork. Our age-appropriate training programs, through the use of the most advanced & latest in robotic educational platforms & hands-on learning solutions, provides students the opportunity to innovate & create while having fun.

Robotics Competitions

Our students are encouraged to participate in the following internationally renowned robotic competitions that are held annually for which we provide coaching and mentoring services;
• World Robotics Olympiad (WRO), and
• The FIRST Competitions

Student of the Month

Teertha Gandhi
Teertha Gandhi is our Student of the Month for her gracious professionalism and team work. Teertha went above and beyond in helping her fellow Robominder’s in preparing for the World Robotic Olympiad 2017, Regional Competition, where her team won “Silver” and qualified to compete at the Nationals.
Besides Robotics, her passion is Basketball and solving Rubik’s cube, and has been consistently winning the Academic Excellence Award and General Proficiency Award at school, each year.